1st year summer placement.

Hi guys,

Im currently a first year undergraduate biomedical scientist student in Ireland. My course is focused maily towards medical labratory science. I have heard of 1st year students getting work placement during the summer after their first year of college and I am very interested in this. I feel that this would be a fantastic way to spend my summer by building up my biomedical knowledge. I find I learn alot more from my practicals rather than from my lectures as I get to physically carry out and see the experiments take place.
I am aware that it would be difficult to get a lab to take on a 1st year student but I would be very grateful if you know of any programes or labs that might take me on for the summer.


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Hello, I'm an undergraduate student, currently on my placement in finland doing some biochemistry lab work... I studdy in UK tho, however i'm russian. :)

Anyway I wanted to ask if anyone knows if there are any postgraduate courses in Italy in english?! I feel like it would be a great thing to do, but my italian is not good enough yet. I want to move onto masters and PhD after i graduate for sure!
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I'll be graduating at the end of June, finals pending and all that, and a big part of my grade for third year (25%) comes from my dissertation. I started working on this at Christmas, before I went into the lab to do the actual investigation early this year, and I finally finished it late last night. My title is: Interaction of the Periplasmic Proteins of Escherichia coli with the Membrane Fusion Protein EmrA, and the whole project clocked in at 11,708 words. Just wanted to share the joy!

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Please help me on this......

Hi, guys. Right now, I am doing some research on serum alanine aminotransferase for my BS dissertation. My theme is 'Examination of serum ALT level by dry chemical method', sort of like you drip a drop of blood on a specially-made test paper, and the color change of indicator(or other ways, but without facilities' assistance) might show whether your serum ALT level is normal.

I have made some search on the internet/in our library, but unfortunately couldnt find enough information on this. Is there any soluble reagent that would exclusively interact with pyruvate or some subsequent products and then show an obvious color change? Or is it possible that ALT could , though not efficient, catalyze some other reactions? So Could you please help me on this or possibly share some of your thoughts? I would appreciate it very much!

Thank you in advance!

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Just thought I would say hello.

I'm a biomedical scientist working in the histopathology labs at the Royal Marsden in London.
BSc in molecular biology followed by an MSc in cellular pathology. I'm currently trying to decide what to study next :-)
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Hi my name is Lillian
I am studying at the University of Auckland (New Zealand)
I am doing a BSc majoring in Biomedical Sciences
Under biomed I am specialising in Cancer Biology & Therapeutics.
Funny thing is, Biomed is relatively new here in Auckland - last year they told us they are not sure what jobs their graduates are getting... yet. GULP. But they assure us that "this is where the money's are at", so to speak.
I am currently in my final exams of my third year here, aka the last undergrad year!
Next year I am hoping to do honours, IF I maintain my grades this year [fingers crossed]
This summer (that's southern hemisphere summer), I will be doing a summer studentship with Dr. Peter Lobie from the Liggins Institute. Which would be continue on to my honour year. I am excitied AND scared... my stomach churns when I think about it.
I have recently started another journal to write about the "professional" side of thing here. It's not very updated right now due to exams. But hopefully more stuff will be added :)

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ALERT! DIRTY MINDSUCKER FOUND! (Кидало:)), Never apply for a position in his lab.

Timm Schroeder, Ph.D.
Head of the Hematopoiesis Group
Institute of Stem Cell Research
GSF - National Research Center for Environment and Health
Ingolstaedter Landstr. 1
D-85764 Neuherberg

This guy is looking for a postdoc but...He is posting announcements every 1-2 month. After the inteview hi asks to write a detailed project proposal and....

Ну Вы меня поняли, коллеги? Я его "развел" - и он показал в ответном письме свое истинное лицо: хам , свинья и редкостный мудакЪ. Жалко студентов и постдоков, что у него уже тусуются (приходилось лично пообщаться).



I'm attending the University of Memphis for a B.S. in Biochemistry and Chemistry . Only 18 hours away, 6 classes, away from my degrees!! Currently I'm in the process of of applying to various institutions across the U.S. I want to obtain an MD/PhD and specialize in neurology and developmental neurobiology. The chemist in me wants to pursue deducing protein structures so who knows where I'll end up.

besides biochemistry I'm also highly interested in all forms of electronic music and its culture.

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Intro post

Kicking this off.

I'm Beth. I'm a second-year biomedical sciences student at Durham University in the UK, and right now I'm studying too much to list here, but including immunology, renal physiology, clinical biochemistry, pharmacodynamics, and medical microbiology.

Actually, if we're going to be accurate about it, right now I'm studying innate immunity. It and I aren't exactly seeing eye to eye at the moment, but we're working on reaching a peaceful compromise without bloodshed.

Join. Post. :)
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