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Hi my name is Lillian
I am studying at the University of Auckland (New Zealand)
I am doing a BSc majoring in Biomedical Sciences
Under biomed I am specialising in Cancer Biology & Therapeutics.
Funny thing is, Biomed is relatively new here in Auckland - last year they told us they are not sure what jobs their graduates are getting... yet. GULP. But they assure us that "this is where the money's are at", so to speak.
I am currently in my final exams of my third year here, aka the last undergrad year!
Next year I am hoping to do honours, IF I maintain my grades this year [fingers crossed]
This summer (that's southern hemisphere summer), I will be doing a summer studentship with Dr. Peter Lobie from the Liggins Institute. Which would be continue on to my honour year. I am excitied AND scared... my stomach churns when I think about it.
I have recently started another journal to write about the "professional" side of thing here. It's not very updated right now due to exams. But hopefully more stuff will be added :)

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